Tanweer Supporting Orphaned Children initiative

Tanweer - Supporting Orphaned Children initiative

This programme comes from our increasing awareness about the importance of supporting children who have, unfortunately, become orphaned and to provide them with love, fun, and opportunities that will shape their future.

It is impossible to calculate the value of an initiative like this, but the expressions on the children’s faces tell their own story.

Inspired by the work of the Social Affairs Ministry, we established Tanweer as we saw an opportunity for us to contribute to improve the lives of orphaned children living in Saudi Arabia. We realised that, due to circumstances, it would be difficult for the children to have the opportunity to travel overseas, and to experience other cultures, and so our programme was born.

Each year, we organise a trip for those children who have impressed their teachers with their hard work and achievements. The trips are designed to incorporate a huge level of fun, while broadening horizons and providing inspiration.