Health and Society

Committed to building a healthy and happy society in Saudi Arabia.

Our emphasis is on community, so we questioned and considered what we could do to help create a happier and healthier environment in Saudi Arabia, and developed these initiatives accordingly.

Abdul Latif Jameel Hospital

This is the first non-profit rehabilitation hospital in Saudi Arabia, providing comprehensive rehabilitation and care for adults and children.

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Tanweer – Supporting Orphaned Children initiative

We organise events, sightseeing visits, and trips overseas for orphaned children in Saudi Arabia to provide fun and inspiration and to broaden their horizons.

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World’s tallest unsupported flagpole

Al Nada Centre for Social Care

This centre is dedicated to providing care for elderly men with ageing-associated illnesses in Saudi Arabia.

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Family Day initiative for prisoners

Enabling those serving custodial sentences in Saudi Arabia to maintain a close relationship with their families.

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King Salman Centre for Disabilities Research

This centre has a dual purpose: to explore scientific advances to help people with disabilities, and to work with disabled people to empower them to enter the labour market.

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